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Why are Marriott Members being penalised by delays in points/elite nights posting for Rewarding Events held before 18th August?

Question asked by no.12 on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by communitymanagers

I've had a horrendous time trying to claim elite nights which are due to me for events held before the merger. For example, I held 2 events at the Courtyard by Marriott West on 12th and 13th August 2018. I had clearly specified that I would like my points and elite nights to be posted ASAP and this was acknowledged by my event coordinator. On 16th August, she informed me that the points had already been posted, pending approval from her GM:

On 30th August, I realised that the Activity was still not reflected in my account and chased her for it:

The points were eventually posted but the Elite Nights were not credited, so I mailed them to check on this. My coordinator initially told me that Elite Nights are only awarded for nights stayed in the hotel! Email conversation follows:

Obviously, I knew this to be inaccurate as I've run several large scale events (up to 400 pax) and small meetings at Marriott properties globally. And I told her as such:

After a few days wait, this is the FINAL reply I received from her. I've since requested for this to be escalated since she had earlier claimed that her GM was responsible for the approval. I've not heard back from her ever since. 

Marriott - this is not customer service. I'd like to check if anyone has experienced this? What she said does not seem to make sense to me, both from a logical and legal perspective. Any advice is greatly appreciated! communitymanagers