Merging Accounts - Very Disappointing Experience

Discussion created by phillybased on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by swarwick

How many of you received emails and screen pops urging you to merge your SPG and Marriott reward accounts?  I got so tired of it, I actually merged mine based on one of the emails.   WHAT A MISTAKE!


What I did not realize is I ended up with a new rewards number (even my SPG number changed!) and lost my Marriott Rewards number which I had for 23 years!  I have 2,800 lifetime nights so far - guess that does not count for creating a good experience.


I feel like my identity was taken.  That number had become part of me.  I'm disappointed as the information in the email and during the process was not clear.  Even the web site help is wrong and states you won't get a new number - That's not true!


After all, we, the loyal, make Marriott and SPG what they are today and I feel like an extreme dis-service has been done and this whole rewards merger did not have emphasis on a great experience.  What you all have forgotten is part of our affinity and loyalty is our rewards number.  Shame on you!


Only way to make me a happy loyal customer is to give me my Marriott number back! #UnhappyMarriottRewardsMember #WantMyNumberBack