SPG Amex vs. Ritz Carlton Rewards CC

Discussion created by gameofthronesfan on Oct 8, 2018
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Has anyone done any research as i have looked and all the information is pre merger.  I have both the SPG Amex Preferred Guest CC and the Ritz Carlton Rewards CC at $450 a year.  I think the Amex is only $99 a year.  I spend a lot on credit card spend.  Thats how I get my miles and travel moderately but use the points to stay for free.  Which is the best option?  Last year i got the Ritz Carlton credit card as it propelled me to Platinum status for $75k spend and the status was recognized on SPG.  But post merger that status is Platinum Elite and now there is a Platinum Premier Elite which seems rewards wise was equivalent to the previous Platinum status.  Are both cards now earning exactly the same?  I think if they are the same I would like to pare down the cards and which do you recommend I get rid of? 


Also since I was awarded Platinum Premier Elite status for 2018 I read somewhere that your 2018 status will carry over to 2019?  Can anyone confirm this?