Look No Further Guarantee Doesn't Really Work

Discussion created by jere5iah on Oct 7, 2018
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What I long suspected about Marriott's Look No Further Guarantee was validated for me today. Marriott capitalizes off its inability to immediately examine each claim by denying a claim if the competing rate isn't available by the time they get around to examining it. Well of course the better rate is not going to be available 8 to 12 hours later.


Yesterday I booked a flexible rate for the Westin Georgetown on November 25th for $139, then five minutes later I found on google hotels a rate of $62.64 was being offered by an agency called Prestigia. Went to their website and sure enough it was the same exact flexible rate, same currency, and same date. In fact, Prestigia's cancellation terms were better than Marriott's and gave you 3 hours longer to cancel. The one difference is Marriott automatically books you into a king bed, and you have to check a box indicating you'd prefer two doubles hoping you'll recieve them, while Presegia automatically books you in two double beds.


Filed the Look No Further Guarantee claim, and Marriott doesn't give its customers the opportunity to upload screenshots of the competing rate. Recieved a response this morning advising my claim was denied because the reviewer could only find prepaid rates available at the time of examining my claim.  Well of course the flexible rate wasn't there when they looked. It was probably purchased within 30 minutes of me filing the claim.


Here's my booking:

Cancellation policy:

Competing rate I found:

Response from Marriott:

I wouldn't take issue with Marriott scraping the Look No Further Guarantee altogether.  From time-to-time some agencies' rates will be better, and there's no reason Marriott should have to redress every one of those instances. But if they're going to make a guarantee, which they have, then Marriott should have the integrity to stand behind it, and review each claim on its merits, and not hide behind a review process which is clearly prejudiced towards denying each claim.