Lounge Review:  Sheraton Maria Isabel, Mexico City

Discussion created by clebert on Oct 6, 2018
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Where are you, non-Bob......Sheraton Maria Isabel, Mexico City


And what's the lounge like?  Clean, spacious and modern.  It has nice views of the city and a concierge desk.  Seating was comfortable.  It was not crowded and seemed large enough and in good proportion to the hotel size.  


How's the evening food?  I didn't get there for daytime or evening food due to work commitments.


Any free alcohol? I wasn't there in the evening, but the hotel had bottles of Mexican beer in my room waiting for me as a welcome gift.  So I'm guessing there was free alcohol in the lounge as is usual for non-US properties.


What are the hours? 6am - 10pm every day with breakfast, all day snacks, and appetizers in the evening.


And are they being meanies and closing the lounge at weekends? No.


How about Gold/Plat breakfast?  Typical fare, along with Mexican specialty items, and a very good selection including some "grab and go" options.


Upgrades?  I got a nice view of the Angel of Independence monument, and I was placed on one of the top "club" floors.  It wasn't a suite, but I'd consider it an upgrade due to the view and high floor.


Late Checkout? Yes, they offered checkout at 4pm even without my asking about it, but my flight left at 2pm so I couldn't take advantage of it. 


Comments...This was the cheapest Marriott/SPG property with a lounge that I could find, and it exceeded all my expectations.  I got Mexican craft beer and snacks as a welcome amenity on day 1 and a fruit tray delivered to my room on day 2 (I was only there 2 nights).  There were also plenty of bottles of complementary water in my room, along with more drinks in the Sheraton Club.  Service was exceptional, and the property is really upscale compared to Sheratons in the US (not surprising, of course).  Location is wonderful for exploring CDMX.  I would stay again and would highly recommend.


SO... I'm the Sheraton Club at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Mexico City and it's Great (4/5)