Brussels Marriott - Great Hotel

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Hi all,

I've stayed here twice before, so since this is only my second night, I can add some things to previous posts. I will be here five more nights so if I can add anything I will.


First of all, it is a great deal (100 euros a night, two blocks from the Grand' Place).  It's right across from the Bourse metro stop and also close to DeBrouckere.  Airport transportation is simple and cheap -- you go to from BRU to Centraal Station for 5,10 euros then either transfer to the metro or (since I was tired) take a cab, a short distance.


The people here are wonderful.  They speak perfect English, French, Flemish and I'm sure many other languages.  I'm not in  a suite this time like last, but I really don't need one and my room is perfect.


Last night I fell asleep very early, but today I went to the Executive Lounge, which is open 7 days a week.  Breakfast is French style (mostly breads, croissants, fruits, juices, coffees, etc.)  Not the Grand Flora breakfast, but one shouldn't expect that for 100 euros a night.  Besides, you don't want to eat much early because you can either a) eat at any of many of the best restaurants in Europe within two-three blocks -- especially if you like seafood -- or eat appetizers and a few hot dishes and desserts at the Exec Lounge from 5:30-9:30 pm EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.  No charge at all for drinks, though it is limited to red and white wine, rum and Martini rosso.  With unlimited red wine, no problem for me!  Also, juices, soft drinks, water, etc. in the open fridges.


Since I was jetlagged yesterday, I ate at the hotel restaurant for lunch yesterday. To my surprise, there were few people there.  I had the crab avocado appetizer and filet mignon and it was spectacular. The service was equally good.


I stayed once at the Renaissance Brussels and while it is a nice hotel it is WAY out of the main part of the city.  This hotel is one of the great deals in Europe, along with the Ghent Marriott.


All I can say (realizing by saying so I might unfortunately change the situation) is the Brussels Marriott and Ghent Marriott are two of my favorite hotels in Europe.


I know some of you were unsure of whether the Exec Lounge extended to weekends -- they do (both breakfast and the 5:30-9:30 evening appetizers, dishes, and desserts) every day of the week.


Great hotel, fantastic staff!