29 Ways to Belly Flop

Discussion created by itannen on Oct 5, 2018
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Remember belly flopping as a kid? You're standing at the edge of the pool building up the courage to take a dive. Your legs are shaky, you're nervous, you feel it in your stomach. You fight through it mentally and finally take the jump. But, because of your hesitation, you don't push off enough and you land flat on your stomach. Your skin is all red and blotchy, but your face is even more red from embarrassment.


However stupid you felt back then, Marriott must feel even more stupid with its complete flop of a rollout of its 29 ways game/offer. I mean, seriously, after a really poor integration (with failing grades averaging about 4.9), you would think they'd make sure to nail their first big promo. But, no! They couldn't even get it off the ground. They are still standing at the edge of the pool confused and sweating and helpless.