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Security Lapse During Stay; Hotel has stopped responding

Question asked by ontime1 on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by arizonatag

Can I ask for advice here on how to get resolution regarding a frustrating situation with my stay in August at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center?


When I returned to the room to check out, the door to the room had been left open (not just unlocked, but fully open!) because the hotel had painted the door while I was out. There were no painters anywhere on the floor keeping watch to make sure there was no theft from the room. And in fact, a $20 bill I had left on the nightstand was gone.

When I went downstairs to check out, I asked to speak to the Front Desk Manager, who apologized and promised to look into what had happened. He also said he would be depositing points into my account (on top of the normal points for the stay) for their mistake. I had intended to give the $20 to housekeeping (that is why I left the cash out, so I wouldn't forget) so I told him that I didn't feel "out" the money, but I wanted to make sure the housekeeping staff was paid the $20. He said he would be sure to take care of both items, I paid the bill in full and left.


Well, no points ever appeared in my account. I began leaving voicemail messages for the Desk Manager asking what had happened, but my calls were not returned. Finally on my fourth call, about a month after check out, he actually picked up the phone, and told me he was about to process the points into my account, and that things had been delayed because of the integration of the computer systems between Starwood and Marriott. (Fair enough on that point, but someone could have called me back to explain that.) He said the hotel had given $20 to the housekeeping staff, and I took him at his word on that, but who knows.


Finally, on September 20th, the Manager wrote me back to say that 25,000 points had been put into my account, and apologizing for the inconvenience, copying two other employees at the hotel. But, you guessed it, no extra points have ever hit my account. So I wrote back to him on September 26th, asking about the delay, and I received an automated reply that he is no longer with the hotel. I have since sent two emails and left one phone message for the two other hotel employees on the email (I understand they are assistant desk managers) and they never write/call back either.

So Westin Virginia Beach, let me get this straight: you left the door to my room fully open while I was out, someone stole $20 from the room, you promise me bonus points to make up for things, but you force me to chase you with multiple phone calls and emails over a six week period, with most messages going unresponded to, and to date you have not had the courtesy to deposit the points that you promised me in writing?


It might be worth noting: I don't expect any special treatment because I am a Platinum member, but sheesh, if totally ignoring the customer is how this hotel treats you with Platinum status, I can only imagine how poor their attitude is towards less frequent travelers.


To whom should I write next?