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52 Hours in Vancouver, What To Do?

Question asked by painedplatinum on Oct 2, 2018
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For the second time in my life, I'm making a mileage run. My American Airline miles through December were looking to come in at 97K and change.  My work schedule is pretty packed, so it didn't look like I would get the 3K the easy way. So, a $340 flight plan from PHL-DFW-YVR-ORD-PHL will put me over the top with a little breathing room. 


My adventurous young adult son has decided to join in on the fun.  Tentative reservations are set at the new Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection and the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel. I see there is an Oktoberfest going on, but what other type of activities do my well traveled Insider friends suggest? 

















Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel