Marriott Platinum Agent pretending to be on hold

Discussion created by chin.yen on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by j&c

Hi! Not sure if any one of you are experiencing this as well. Ever since the merger, I have tried calling the service line multiple times to resolve my account issues. Each time, I would get an agent without too long of a wait, but the problem is, after a few exchanges (that tend to be curt, by the way), I get put "on hold" indefinitely while the agent pretends to be looking into the problem. But I can hear the agent is there, coughing or just breathing, and they would TOTALLY IGNORE me. They are just hoping that I would hang up and call again and that trick worked a couple of times. But as I am typing this message, I have been "on hold" with this agent for 50 minutes and counting, and I can hear her cough and just make noises from time to time, either trying to let others in the call centre think that she's still working or just trying to irritate me. I'm not giving up this time, I know these agents have KPIs... Let's see who blinks first.