Unattached 7 Night Certificate

Discussion created by joelj on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by arizonatag

I booked two 7 night stays using hotel + air miles back in July.  Called reserv. to try to change one property and learned that somehow certificates were either never attached to the original reservations or became unattached, and now due to change to new program they were unable to fix this for one of the reservations.  Completely Marriott error (either at reservations or computer glitch with changeover).  Now being told I can call 30 days before my trip to Europe and they will fix this or I can use an additional 95,000 points from my account to fix it now.  Anyone having this issue and who do you speak to to get it rectified.  Elite services claims it cannot do anything due to Corporate Policy???  Yet, they can fix it in April before my trip.  When I suggested this was a Marriott error and they should just fix it now I was told "you can't prove that".  Wow.  I guess my Platinum Premier Elite status make no difference.  Anyone know who to write to at Corporate?