Marriott and SPG Loyalists Have You Tried The Other Side Yet?

Discussion created by iahflyr on Oct 1, 2018
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I/we've ventured into the Westin in downtown Houston as our two Starwood stays since the merger both pre and post August 18th.  We will be at another Westin in about a month for a two night stay and that raised my curiosity as to what other Insiders have found when they've ventured our fro their former loyalty programs into the others properties.


How many Marriott and Starwood loyalists have ventured into the others properties since the merger and what were your thoughts of the new properties you have available now under Marriott Rewards (and whatever the new name will become next year)?


Remember folks to fill out those Hotel Reviews so they can be added to the review thread vaboywnder so graciously keeps running for us all to learn what others have found.


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