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Which is more valuable: Additional 5 Suite Nights or 1 Free night?

Question asked by ready4atrip on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2020 by pey


I have chosen the 5 Suite Nights as my 50 Night Annual Choice benefit.

As I have 100 elite nights this year, I also get to choose a 75 Annual Choice benefit.

Which do you think is more valuable?

Another 5 suite nights or the one free night maximum 40,000 point value?


On this board, it has been sounding like people are having trouble using the suite nights.

I, myself, have tried unsuccessfully to use them in Europe next year, as the hotels I am staying at are under the SPG brand and it is not allowing me to apply them.

Maybe this is a glitch that will be worked out by next year.


Thanks for your opinions!