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Missing Loyalty Program Transfers to Marriott/SPG

Question asked by splitcross on Sep 30, 2018
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I've been a Marriott/SPG member for many years and this is my first post. I normally don't post in public forums to resolve an issue like this but I've exhausted all efforts. I'm hoping to get some assistance in this wonderful community. 


To provide some background - I transferred some points from American Express to my old SPG account # during the merger period (mid to late August) and to date these points have not posted to my combined Marriott/SPG account.  I emailed Customer Support at the beginning of September and was assigned a case number, however I have not received a response to date. I followed up by calling both SPG and Marriott customer support and escalated my issue to multiple supervisors, this was around 2 to 4 weeks ago. Both supervisors indicated they would follow-up with the appropriate departments internally. I called SPG customer support this morning to get an update and unfortunately things are still status quo.


Has any one else encountered the same problem with unposted points transferred from another loyalty program, after the merger? I fully understand both SPG/Marriott are still experiencing system challenges post-merger and we're all looking forward to a smooth steady-state. 


I'm getting very close to writing a letter to the Executive level if this issue doesn't get resolved in the next few business days.