Can't get reservations at a Marriott dispite being Gold Elite

Discussion created by mvanderhaar on Sep 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by cmnath

Trying to book a room in downtown Pittsburgh for Oct 5-7th.  I went through the Marriott 800 number and ended up talking to someone in Mexico City.  She also could not locate an available room for those dates and suggested that I call the hotel directedly.  I called the Residence Inn in downtown Pittsburgh and they transferred me back to Mexico City, who then told me that the only available rooms in all of downtown Pittsburgh were in West Virginia.  I have been working so hard to gain Platinum Status in 2018 even though I just joined in 4 months ago.  I told her that I was Gold Status but it didn't make a difference.  Since I am very new to this forum, is this normal ?
Thank you in advance for reaching out.