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How does Welcome Gift compensation work?

Question asked by 7 on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by leaotriste

If I understand correctly, elite members are supposed to get a choice of welcome gift at check-in and if they do not then they are eligible for some compensation, correct?


a) If they don't ask, when you supposed to request the compensation? Is there a time limit?

b) If they do ask, but then you don't receive it, is there compensation for that?


I am just curious as I've never tried to invoke this before. I had a stay in early August and I don't think they asked (but, at this point I can't honestly remember), but I know I never got the welcome points as I never got any credit for the stay. Despite promising multiple times, the hotel never did follow through with e-mailing me the folio. However, this weekend I finally found the copy I received at check-out. So, I should be able to get that resolved soon, but it got me thinking about this benefit.

I always imagined if you invoked it they could just say they were just about to ask. Or, if you wanted to be sure, you'd conclude your transaction, start leaving, and wait until you are about 5 feet away and then spring around and shout "Ah-ha!". But, I kind of think in cartoon terms.