Lifetime Status Revoked

Discussion created by mmcrae5000 on Sep 29, 2018
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Has anyone had this happen to them...


I’m an 8 year Elite status holder and have been trackkng towards Platinum Elite this year.  During the conversion several months back I was elevated from lifetime Gold to lifetime Platinum.  Today, for some unknown reason, I was kicked out of all lifetime status even through I have 8 years, 784 lifetime nights, and 2 million+ lifetime points.  After a 30 minute hold the service rep said I was given lifetime Platinum status for one day only (random, why?) and then said I would “probably” get lifetime Platium status back.  She couldn’t explain why I had all status revoked.  It was a frustrating call to say the least.  I tried calling back but I got disconnected as someone picked up after another 20 minute hold (REALLY frustrating).   


Has as anyone experienced this and / or do you find this acceptable?