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Discussion created by erc on Sep 29, 2018
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I have had my recent Replies moderated and upon inquiring "what's up?" I received the following response;

We have to have a moderation cue for new members. Active members are moderated if they tag other members or add links to posts. Unfortunately, the system won't allow us to modify certain criteria. We are happy for new and active members to post content and engage in the community. The moderation cue allows us to make sure that members are following the terms and conditions and alerts us to issues. If you notice you are being moderated on posts that don't contain links or tags with other members, please let us know so we can look into that.


Has anyone else experienced being moderated when they tag someone?  Thank you


Ouch - this entire Post was moderated as well 

Please note: your content was added successfully, but a moderator needs to approve it before it can be posted.



(can't figure out how to delete - I didn't see first Post - thought I didn't Post it - so added this one - apologies for duplication - thanks)