Surviving Spouse Lifetime Status/naming beneficiaries

Discussion created by goody0511 on Sep 28, 2018
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My parents recently became Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite members and they couldn't be happier because they are retired and love traveling with Marriott. That being said, they both just turned 70 and they are well aware they won't live forever. My dad called into Marriott to make sure my mom was his beneficiary in the event he passed first. He wanted her name first on his beneficiary list so as not to lose his Marriott points in the event of his passing. 

Buuuuut...he also discovered in that same phone call with Marriott that when he dies, my mother, his wife, will lose the Lifetime Platinum Status that they together worked so hard for because the account is in my dad's name; not hers.

I cannot seem to understand how Marriott would not allow spouses to retain their partners' lifetime status. Especially, when they both have a Marriott card linked to that account. They worked together to achieve their lifetime status. I wonder if others have thought about this policy and if their is anyone we can speak to about possibly bringing this to people who can consider changing it. I'm not suggesting lifetime status should be passed down to children or friends; only domestic partners who have obviously worked together to achieve the lifetime status.

Please if you have any thoughts or knowledge on this topic, please let me know.#beneficiary