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At what point would you consider yourself close enough to reach for the next level?

Question asked by 7 on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by brightlybob

The first time I made Platinum I was one night short the week before the end of the year and so I found a hotel nearby that was less than $100/night and made a last minute stay to push myself over the threshhold.


After that, I was alway just right at the limit until two years ago when I dropped back to Gold. That was actually ok because instead of having to push to renew Platinum I just did my normal stays and barely missed Platinum, but got a decent amount of rollover nights. Of course, those are no longer a thing.


So after combining my accounts I am sitting at Platinum with 22 nights until Platinum Premiere. I have 14 nights booked between now and the end of the year so that leaves 8 nights. I might add one or two more nights stay and I may get one or two more nights via my Chase card. So, I could be as close as 4 nights to getting PP by the end of the year.


There are no super-cheap hotels here in HK that I could stay at, so it would either require more expensive stays or a flight to a nearby country (which can sometimes be quite cheap). Maybe I could go somewhere over a 4-day weekend or something.


So, what would you do? Is it Platinum Premiere worth pushing to earn the extra nights?