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As a Lifetime Platinum Premiere, do I still have to stay 75 nights to get a Yearly Choice Award?

Question asked by ready4atrip on Sep 29, 2018
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I have tried to search all the rules and regulations, but somehow didn't find the answer to my query:


I have Lifetime Platinum Premiere status.

I achieved Lifetime Platinum status before the August changeover, so now I am Premier.

I have well over 100 nights this year, so I get the Annual Choice Benefit for the Gold level and then also for the Platinum level.


But for the next qualifying period, what happens?

I won't be achieving 50 nights or more each year.

As a Lifetime Plat Premier, do I still get the Annual Choice Benefits?


Thank you to all those who read the small print better than I.

I appreciate your knowledge in all things Marriott.