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Issue related to Platinum elite status challenge

Question asked by 446335920 on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2018 by arizonatag

Hi there. I was going through a very difficult process with Platinum elite status challenge. After contacted at least 8 Marriotts reps, I decide to share the experience here to see if anyone could help me with this.


After joined Google, I signed up a Platinum elite status challenge for Google/Alphabet professionals. (Link:, and get the official confirmation from Marriott. Couple days later, I contacted one of the Marriotts rep, and she told me I was not in the Platinum elite status challenge program at all. (After I paid 3 nights already.) After contacted at least 5 Marriott's reps, I get to know that 1) most of them actually don't know about the program. 2) even through I got the official confirmation, they deny to admit it as it doesn't show my membership number. (I asked my colleague to test the sign up, and the membership number also didn't show on her email, which means we are not able to provide this in the first place.) 3) even through I show them the website, they still don't know any info around this program (or not willing to admit), and I was totally surprised by this situation.


In this case, I really hope if anyone could help me to fix this, and I'm getting very disappointed on this case and the client service now.


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