Score one for Marriott Customer Service

Discussion created by wannabetitanium on Sep 28, 2018
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I'll admit it, I've been a little pessimistic in the post merger world. I have had a few issues with details on an upcoming reservation. I had heard the horror stories of long wait times so had put off calling. This morning I closed my office door as if an important conference call was about to occur. I got on the web and found something to read and then dialed in. I got comfortable in my chair and put the phone on speaker. Imagine my suprise when just over one minute had passed and what do you know a chipper customer service agent is on the line. A few short minutes later all my issues were resolved and she even answered a few unrelated questions regarding my account. All is well in Mr. Wannabebplatinumpremiers Marriott world now. Hopefully this a sign everything is getting cleared up.