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Just received Marriott Platinum Premier Elite status - now what?

Question asked by lonnalinda on Sep 27, 2018
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Based upon hotel stays and Marriott credit card usage (as of today) I just hit 76 nights this year which I now qualifies me as a Platinum Premier Elite Member.  In the past 7 years I've always been a Gold Member so this is a first for me.  As I had difficulty getting points and nights on my account for over a month now they seem to have come through. (so happy I screen shot my Marriott activity so I could show them they forgot to add points/nights)

I asked the representative on the phone the following questions but either I didn't understand her answers or she wasn't fully aware. Sincerely, everyone on this website seems to know so much more than representatives, so advance thank you.  


So now that I am PPE -

(1) do I get 2018 annual choice benefit (see below for what I pulled off website) for this year? 

(2) And will I get PPE status carried forward into 2019? Or January 1st I start from scratch with status?  

(3) If my PPE status continues January 1st, do I get another annual choice benefit for 2019?


Thanks again for any advice/answers, chantal


iii.      Annual Choice Benefit.  As described in section, a Platinum Premier Elite Member who has achieved seventy-five (75) Elite Night Credits annually is eligible to receive one (1) additional benefit from the list of available benefits listed below:

Platinum Premier Elite Annual Choice Benefit Options:

Five (5) Suite Night Awards

40% off bed

$100 Charity Donation

The gift of Gold Elite status for a friend or family member

Five (5) Elite Night Credits

One (1) Free Night Award