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Account Access Without PIN

Question asked by rforte1 on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by vickiinvirginia


Someone made a reservation in my account, without my PIN. 

I received both a text and Email of this reservation that someone else made in my name and my account.


How is this possible?  I have contacted Marriott Customer Care and spoken to 7 different people with no answer as of yet.  I have their names and the last one was an Elite Service Agent (Sonya R.).  All she would tell me is "we opened a case # and you will hear something with 3-5 days".  I am a Lifetime Platinum Premier member that's accrued over 8 MILLION points.  How is this even possible? Are my points in my account at risk?  Can someone use my points without my PIN?  Very frustrating to have to spend so much time over this issue the past 3 days.


" We really don't know why this happened"  seems to be the common answer.