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Problems getting SPG points credited back to Marriott Account?

Question asked by pc2 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by pc2

Before the merger I transferred 42k Marriott points to my SPG account and booked 2 nights in November at the the Four Points by Sheraton in Auckland. I went online and cancelled my reservation recently and the 42k points have not been credited back into my Marriott account. I've spent the last several hours on the phone between the Marriott and SPG representatives and still do not have a resolution. One Marriott rep I talked with said she would take of it and it would show up in my account in about 15 minutes - that was about 6 hrs ago. The next Marriott rep said she couldn't access my account so she transferred me to the SPG rep who told me that the 42k pts were credited back into my "new" SPG account number ( the new 9 digit one) and that I needed to contact Marriott to get the points transferred from the new SPG account over to my Marriott account number. The most recent Marriott rep said she needs to contact her SPG counterpart to find out what happened to the points and would call me back when she found out what happened.

My experience so far is this merger was premature and has caused nothing but problems for both customers and the reps. Apparently, the Marriott and SPG reps do not have access to each other's information so they just bounce you back and forth between the two. Anyone know who I can contact that has access to both systems and can help me straighten out this mess? I have another SPG points reservation that I would like to change but I'm afraid I'll have to spend another 6 hours on the phone to get it changed.