Is Guest Safety an Afterthought?

Discussion created by loyalplatinummember on Sep 27, 2018
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I'm currently a Platinum member and lifetime Gold who recently completed a horrific 2 night stay at Sheraton Cascais Portugal.  My 70 years old mother suffered a broken wrist, head injury, and severe bruises to her upper/lower back rolling down a staircase in their 3 bedroom apt shortly after our check in.  When I immediately contacted front desk for medical help in the state of emergency, I was only offered ice cubes and an address to a nearby hospital that I have to figure out myself how to get there (hours upon arriving to a foreign country).  More shocking, despite GM being notified of this event, he did not reach until 72 hours after the incident via email after which i have already checked out to offer his condolences and statement that he believes his team has "done everything they can to help" and they are not responsible for this incident so medical cost will not be reimbursed.


Without even going details, you can see for yourself that in the attached photo of the stairs, it is slippery hardwood with no anti slip considerations and no handrails near the triangular transition turn to grab a hold onto!  


So travelers beware of this hotel and their urrespirrespo management team who feels safety of their guests is an afterthought...  Rest assured that Mr Luis (GM of Sheraton Cascais) have not heard the last of me as I will be pursuing justice through corporate and legal system for his negligence to this whole ordeal.