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Lifetime Platinum Elite vs Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite?

Question asked by zuma on Sep 27, 2018
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I have a couple of what I hope are simple questions that I can't find straightforward answers to.  Perhaps with the merger and various changes there aren't simple answers, but here goes.



  • Are there two tiers of Lifetime Platinum, e.g. Elite vs Premier Elite?
  • Might I have been on the verge of qualifying for Premier Elite prior to the merger but because of some merger goofiness been relegated to the lower Platinum lifetime tier?
  • Do I have a recourse with CS to upgrade to the higher tier based on the likelihood that I would have met the requirement for the higher tier bu years-end?
  • Why is this so complicated?  Ok don't answer that one,just had to get it off my chest.




Before the merger I was:

  •    Platinum Premier Elite, and on the verge of Lifetime Platinum Elite (or Platinum Premiere Elite?)
  •    Lifetime Gold Elite


Currently, I am:


   Lifetime Platinum Premier with the following Lifetime Stats:

  •       Nights:  1413
  •       Years as Silver/Gold/Plat:  9
  •       Years as Gold/Plat:  6
  •       Years as Plat:  6


As I recall, I was within 20k of the points requirement for lifetime platinum (elite or premiere elite????) prior to the merger.  I would have acquired those points by year's end.


Somehow the merger bumped me to lifetime Platinum (I think)?



Muchas gracias amigos.