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Getting Platinum Elite Status FREE through Referral program (no nights required)?

Question asked by siegfriedjb1 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by normanp

I am a newcomer to these forums, but am an avid Marriott point collector. I currently hold Marriot Gold Status through the AMEX SPG card, and am very interested in acquiring Platinum status primarily for the room upgrade and lounge access that this status offers. As I live in Canada and will not be able to acquire Platinum status through the 50-night stay requirement or through a status challenge, I am looking at other options.


Does anyone know if the Luxury card with Platinum status for $75,000+ yearly spend will be available here in Canada? 


Now for the exciting and controversial part of getting instant "Platinum" status.



On EBAY right now there is a seller that provides instant Platinum elite status to all Marriot holders for the one time price of $1400 (or best offer). I asked the seller how this was possible and if it was legit and recognized by Marriott and he said 100% valid and legit. His listing states that this is a valid and permanent method (until Feb 2020) to get Platinum status. The seller says Platinum status is available through Marriott's referral program. I can't find details on the web about how this is possible but the seller has 100% feedback ratings and the evidence shows he has successfully upgraded dozens of accounts to Platinum and GOLD status within 3 to 5 days, despite the user never staying at a Marriott property. Could someone explain how the referral program works as it sounds almost too good to be true. 


I certainly don't want to spend $1400 to get Platinum status if there are less expensive ways to do it. All my stays with Marriott  are using "FREE night" credits as I acquire a great deal of points through my business cards. The only way for me to obtain Platinum status is through my credit card but since here in Canada that option isn't offered I'm wondering if the "instant platinum" upgrade option from the referral program would be better.




Thanks guys and happy Marriott travels to you all!