50k Offer and future credit card strategy?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Sep 25, 2018
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I just received a 50k point offer to upgrade my old Marriott credit card to the new one...., the one with better point multipliers but no nights.  I am holding on to my old one for now, it has the 1 night per $3000 spent.  I just picked up my 15 anniversary nights and it pushed my over 600 lifetime.   I think that 50k is a pretty decent offer to upgrade, but I want to stick with my night earner for now,  I may need it.  I am at 619 nights and 1.495k points right now.  I am also at 9 years Platinum.   My travel is way down for work now that I am in a different position, so my stay nights are harder to get.  I am not that for off from getting Platinum Premier for 2019, so I kind of want to make that happen one last time and get the extra 25% points on stays and the 5 SNAs.   Alas, I started my race to LTPP a bit too late to realistically get it...


Moving forward, I will get rid of the night earner, focus on maximum points and will no longer worried about nights.   I will be at LTP, so I be pretty much at the top of the ladder for me.  It is unlikely, even with the night earner credit card, that I will get to the 75 night mark again.


I am going to reevaluate my rewards credit cards iin 2019 and perhaps start trying to get some free flights....every few years I seem to rack enough points on my AMEX for a few international flights.  I dabble in American Miles, but don't get that many. Looking for an eastern Europe trip in spring of 2020.   Delta works better with my AMEX for transfers.   I will be at the top of my earning potential realistically with my Marriott, so I will balance getting points to use for family vacations and trying to get some free flights.


I know this is an old question, and a but cliche, but...

What's in your wallet?