35+ hours talking to customer service, just got called a liar. About to jump ship.

Discussion created by kellyd on Sep 26, 2018
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When the merger happened and I was assigned a new SPG number, all of my SPG activity disappeared.  The new account shows no activity at all.  I've called Marriott and SPG 28 times about this and have been on hold for nearly an entire workweek's full of hours.


I've been hung up on more times than I can count.  I've been told my SPG activity is "lost in the void" and will be found eventually.  I've been told that SPG is "working on it" and "give it a week".  I've been told this for several weeks.


Today, on my 2nd call to customer service, after being disconnected by a representative who was talking to kids in the background (she told me to check back tomorrow and put me on hold, which turned into a disconnection), I reached someone who seemed helpful.  Then she told me that I am mistaken, I have never stayed at any SPG properties, because if I had, it would show in my account.  *banging head* I explained again that after the merger and upon receiving a new SPG number, all of my activity and history disappeared, that's why I am calling.  She told me that I was clearly mistaken, because if there was activity, it would show.  After going around and around with her about this, she called SPG and told me again that I am wrong, I have never stayed there. 


How does one even address this?  No, I don't have the exact dates.  I didn't feel I needed to keep all that information since it was RIGHT THERE IN MY SPG ACCOUNT before they changed the number and lost everything.  I guess I hallucinated those trips to Anaheim?  I must have just imagined living at the Sheraton in Anchorage for 2 months...the imaginary steak at their restaurant was delicious.


How do you even escalate this to someone who will listen and care?  How does one resolve this?  I've tried SPG on twitter.  Does anyone else have any resources?  Those nights mean the difference between lifetime Gold and me giving up, cutting up my Marriott card and jumping ship.