Does anyone else think the Fall 2018 Megabonus is the worst for a long time>

Discussion created by lifetimerfrank on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by jerryl

Finally offered this promotion on the app this morning - even though other posts say it has been on offer for a couple of weeks. Read the details and I am not impressed with 2,000 points per stay.

I tend to stay 3-4 nights per week in a single property - so this is only worth 2000 per week.

If I do stay at different hotels, it would then only be for a single night - so no bonus.

And there are no ramp up bonuses after 10-20 stays like we have had before.

So for 12 weeks to Christmas I will earn c 24,000 points, where in previous years I have accrued >50,000.

I feel seriously short changed

Would appreciate views from other people on this topic