Marriott, Fix Your Certificate Reservation System

Discussion created by kharada46 on Sep 24, 2018
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Prior to program integration, Marriott changed the way in which you redeemed credit card certificates (at least for the old Marriott Rewards Premier Visa).  Instead of having a certificate, per say, I was told that 25,000 points would be used for the stay, which would then be refunded to my account.  So when I was going over my upcoming reservations, I noticed my credit card certificate stay said this: 

I also went through my account activity back to when I made the reservation and didn't see any corresponding activity. So, I went ahead and ordered the certificate. 

I then got the above confirmation screen, and didn't think anything of it.  As far as I knew, a certificate was not yet attached to this reservation.


But, then, the 25,000 points were deducted from my account and never re-credited.  So, of course, I got on the phone and tried to figure out what went wrong.  


Apparently, a certificate was already attached to my account.  My actions cause the system to double pay my reservation, hence the points deduction.  Thankfully, the associate figured out what the heck was going on pretty quickly, got on the phone with a supervisor, and had my points immediately credited back to my account. 


Things like shouldn't happen, though.  The information displayed shouldn't be so ambiguous as to let incidents like this happen.  And, of course, this was never an issue prior to the integration.  So, hopefully, this is something Marriott will change in the future.  If not, if you're forgetful like me, make sure you note down whether or not certificates have been ordered for your award stays.  If not, you may end up double paying. 


And, speaking of system quirks, I'm not showing SNA availability for properties that previously didn't show any. 

Of course, the images all still don't work, and I still can't make Starwood SNA requests , because when I get kicked over to, I'm told my account doesn't exist.  And while this shouldn't be a problem, the SNAs that show up when accessing my account on my desktop computer still show up as unavailable through the app!  Come on, Marriott... It's been 5 weeks already!