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 I have been trying to book a room for awhile

im not sure why maybe bad luck the last time after a tedious conversation re:using points and cash for a specific location somehow the call got dropped.  I just now decided to call again first I waited for csr, call went silent, then i called back again this time on reg phone i finally reached someone, I told her my dates, and first i must say her voice was not hospitable she stated which hotel you looking for? I replied best rates in Warner Robbins, GA i dont know if she didnt hear me but she went to say, courtyard, suites, or marriott.....lady what?? i remain respectful and verbalized city and state, she asked for my dates again and then silence i repeatedly said hello, hello silence no answer.  Now IM not easily frustrated nor am I a rude person, maybe im just sensitive today, but im highly frustrated, i couldnt get the app to load, and now this!!!! ARGH!!!!!!