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Update: Booked Atlantis Cove for December. Did I Goof Up?

Question asked by bdskelly on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2018 by arizonatag

Oh no... I may have goofed.

Greetings!  I’m a longtime lurker and made my Membership official today. I’m a newly minted Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite.  First I’d like to thank everyone on this group for the advice and help given over the years. 


Some background. My wife and I enjoy saltwater fishing and make about 2 or more trips a year to various waters. I almost always use my reward points  / Amex points  / AA miles for these trips. For our winter trip we decided to fish the Bahamas in December.


Once we were focused on the location I went to work booking airfare, a charter and then decided to use rewards for 4 nights at The Cove at Atlantis.   For whatever reason I hadn’t been on this site for a good while but revisited and decided to check out the Atlantis reviews.  Gasp!  It looks like I may have goofed! The negative reviews seem to outweigh the positive.  


My expectations is that the food (and drink ) would be expensive. And if they give me the room similar to the one pictured that it would be satisfactory for us. ...Im not seeking a 5+ star vacation.   BUT I’m also not seeking to be aggravated.  


Not wishing to rehash what has already been said here. But would like to ask if there are there any members with recent experiences on this property.  What was your experience? 

If I made a mistake I may change location. Or at least I can begin to manage my expectations should we choose to stick with The Cove and Atlantis. 

As a side note there are also a few Autographs located on outer islands from Nassau. Any info on those would be appreciated as well. 


Thank  you in advance .