Marriott Just Don't Care

Discussion created by englander on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by jere5iah

As many of us know Marriott have totally misstepped with their recent system update. I have had a stay that it is a month old with nothing posted to date which I am not at all concerned about. It's the lack of communication from Marriott, in fact the only way I know how to show my disappointment is to just stay elsewhere. We live in a service driven world and if a brand can't provide the expectations of its customers they will go elsewhere. We know there are missing stays they will be posted soon is on the website.... when is soon?  I think they failed to fully test their system before changing over. I am just glad that other key pieces of software that run our daily lives with a safety element get more testing...


This will be my fourth week staying at Hyatt and Holiday Inn, no issues.