Any Issues w/ SPG Stays/Points posting to a MR Account?

Discussion created by siliconvalleyplat on Sep 23, 2018
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With the Fall Megabonus just about the corner, I am reviewing our travel plans during the upcoming promo period.  I am getting a bit excited with thoughts of expanding my horizons by staying at SPG properties and strategizing on  how to maximize on the promotion.


After the integration last month,  reward members were hoping/expecting that we would be able to redeem points/certificates, book travel and earned points seamlessly between SPG & Marriott properties.  Unfortunately, It is painfully apparent from other Insider's posts that things are chaotic right now and the two programs are still being run separately.  Thank you for all those reward members who have shared their journey and sorry to hear about your frustrations.


I have never stayed at an SPG property....I know, poor I was not affected by the merging of points/accounts. Being a bit naive about how the consolidation of the accounts worked and the legacy SPG program, I was hoping that some of the Insiders wouldn't mind sharing their experience/knowledge.



  • Since the integration, has anyone stayed at an SPG Property and successfully had  their stay/points posted to their MR (Legacy) account? If it didn't post, was there resolution  by calling the property OR was the course of action to contact the customer service by calling or submitting a missed stay  request?....argh!
  • For the experienced travelers who had an SPG & Marriott account, were you able to indicate which points you wanted to merge into which account? Does it matter?  Did you maintain your account number or were members assigned a new member number?
  • Are there noticeable differences between Marriott and SPG properties? General impression / ambiance?
  • Even though there are now 29 brands with the earning potential of 1,000 pts per brand, starting w/ 2nd stay, in the Fall Megabonus, I don't think I will even earn as many points as last Summer's Megabonus when we only had 18 brands, but earned 2,000 pts per brand.  Any Insiders venture to guess how they will fare with this Megabonus?


Appreciate fellow insider’s thoughts and shared experiences.