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Canary Islands: experiences?

Question asked by yogib on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by yogib

Hi Insiders,


While in Europe over the holidays, we're playing with the idea to go down somewhere a little sunnier/warmer, a destination that is harder to do for a week straight from North America.


So the Canary Islands caught my eye: slightly warmer than the Mediterranean region in and plenty of Marrwood properties. On the top of the list is a Ritz-Carlton in Abama on the island of Tenerife, which is only a CAT6 and looks like an amazing bang for the buck Euro.

There is also a Sheraton resort on Fuerteventura (but: a resort, so bye-bye PP privileges), which is a CAT5, so I can burn my 3 CAT5 certs. However, the view towards the island looks like repurposed desert.

Gran Canaria only has AC Hotels, nothing fancy, none has a beach.


Does anyone have experience with any stay on any of the Canary Islands?

j5worm also asked for advice nearly 5 years ago for their honeymoon, but other than that there is no info on Insiders.