MR Lifetime Points From SPG

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Hi all,


You have seen some of my posts regarding the SPG points combined with MR points counting towards legacy lifetime requirements.   I wanted to provide a bigger update on all of this since it seems like Marriott isn't making any public statements on their official channels.   I probably have had more conversations on this topic with Marriott then anyone else -- as I am directly affected and have spent $$$ based on what I have been told.     I've lost a little bit of hair over the whole thing -- but perhaps this information helps my insider friends relax a tad in their journey towards 2 mil points.  


Full disclosure, I had over 800 nights with Marriott and 1.4 Mil points LT prior to the merger.   After the merger was announced I started staying at SPG properties and was advised that when the systems combined, everything would be counted towards my lifetime status - as early as a few months after the merger announcement.     Of course, I accumulated 217,000 points at SPG properties.   So when the accounts combined, the LT total would be 2+ mil points and 800+ nights and thus lifetime PP status.   


I have had conversations with customer service, supervisors, managers both prior to combining and after combining accounts.  I have gone all the way up to Arne Sorenson's customer service office, and  have it in writing, and in recorded (openly of course) phone calls, that the points currently in the SPG account when merged will in fact count towards the LT total.   I have had internal policy documents read to me that indicate this same information in no uncertain terms.  


I have been hit with a bit of panic since the lifetime points are not updating in the systems we see on our end.   For that matter, not even the CSRs at Marriott can see the correct total of lifetime points.   Of course, the developers are saying that they see them in their backend.... but of course this doesn't help if they don't push an update with an accurate counter for the people trying to achieve their status by the end of the year.    Especially for those of you actively trying....   



So treat this as a bug in the meantime.   And for the record, this is an extremely tough integration between the two systems.... apparently 14 different systems that need to be integrated.   So I am going to cut Marriott some slack    They will do what they have said they would do.