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Discussion created by globaltreker on Sep 23, 2018
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I just realized that I know nothing about many of the new brands being offered by Marriott in their newly established portfolio of 29 brands.  Having been a Marriott loyalist for so many years, I really never ventured out much to what is now available to me in the portfolio.  After the integration, I realized I know nothing about the following brands:



Are there any Insiders out there that consider themselves brand influencers in these brands?  I would love to hear about experiences from folks who have this background.

Le Meridien

tribute portfolio

design hotels



I would love to have the capability to search for Insiders by content tags to identify Brand Influencers.


Which Insiders considers themselves brand influencers?


I think I could speak to most of the Marriott brands but definitely not the recently integrated SPG brands.  Its too bad some SPG insiders quit in the run up to the integration due to program alignment and other concerns.


I hope some will eventually (in due time) return, not to continue arguing the past but to explore the future together!