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Still not premier

Question asked by xcalibur26 on Sep 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by bostonsportgeek

I need help with a platinum to platinum premier upgrade.

As told by Marriott several times on the phone and email I would be platinum premier.

this is even if I was platinum by taking a challenge.

Email below from Marriott:

> Dear Gregory,
> Thank you for contacting Ritz-Carlton Rewards.
> Our records indicate you contacted our office on August 21, 2018. We have noted that you will be upgraded to Premier Elite. We are just waiting for our systems to update.
> Thank you for choosing Ritz-Carlton.
> Sincerely,
> Felicia V.
> The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Ambassador
> The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Guest Services


I have also attached the email. Also this was confirm on the phone with Margie (a manager) on 08/21/2018.


Also I would like you to kindly review a posting form a very reliable travel writer that did sit down with Arne M. Sorenson. Arne did confirm the paragraph below:


Unfortunately, I’ve heard from a handful of readers that this wasn’t the case. One issue involves those who completed a Marriott Platinum challenge before the integration. Given that “old” Platinum matched to “new” Platinum Premier, theoretically someone who had successfully completed an “old” Marriott Platinum challenge before August 18 should be matched to “new” Platinum Premier. But many readers in this situation have reported that their status only indicated Platinum when they combined their accounts. Marriott has verified that this is not correct: if you completed the Marriott Platinum challenge before the combined program launched, you should have been mapped to Platinum Premier.

The Points guy -Nick Ewen