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Has anyone had a bad experience converting MR points to Air France Flying Blue miles?

Question asked by mauisweetie on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2018 by yogib

We are in the process of planning a trip to France. First one way tickets found with miles, and converted points to miles. Received miles in 2 days and tickets were issued, very nice!

But the nightmare has begun.... We chose a return flight, ordered the points to miles conversion on 9/12 and 9/14, because of the limit of points conversion per day. Marriott says the transactions were placed on those days, points were taken out of the account and the miles are sent weekly.

On 9/17, odd numbers of miles appeared in the account, which appear to be similar to the bonus miles we should receive.(Mileage is short 1 and 2 miles). They were not enough to purchase tickets.The majority of miles still have not appeared today 9/21/18. Air France held reservation for 48 hrs for 3 times, and now they said they could not honor the old reservation and the new rate must apply, and of course the rate is much much higher!

Air France response is that the miles can take 2-3 weeks to appear in the account and that if we need more miles, we can buy more miles! (Remember the first transaction took only 2 days!)

When we asked to speak to a supervisor, Air France response is that there are no supervisors. We need to submit our problem to their support team, which can be contacted by email only.

So now, we are stuck with waiting for Air France to deposit  the miles into the account. We know they received them, because on 9/17 the odd deposits appeared, but not enough to purchase our tickets. In the meantime, they have our miles ( and spent our points) and we cannot buy tickets without converting more points!

We are now stuck with having to deal with Air France. I am not sure if we will use them after this nightmare!