Another question about Lifetime Status :-)

Discussion created by js23phx on Sep 21, 2018
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I know there are several threads on LTG, LTP, etc. but I didn't see one about this status showing up for some users and then disappearing, which is what seems to have happened to me.


I logged in recently and merged my Marriott and SPG accounts.  I immediately saw Lifetime Platinum Elite as my status and the infinity (8) symbol on my little avatar.



As I continued to explore the new site, looking at my Overview, Profile, etc. I later noticed that my status changed to simply Platinum Elite.  The "Lifetime" was now missing and I no longer have the infinity symbol.  Is this a glitch?  Did I possibly do something in my profile or by clicking around to remove this status?


Another question - I've been both a SPG and Marriott Rewards member for approximately two decades.  I see that I now show 971 nights under my Lifetime Status and I've achieved various statuses of Gold or Platinum depending on the year in both programs over the past 20 years.



HOWEVER, in addition to the total nights I'm also seeing that you need a certain number of years as Platinum (ex. 10 or more years).  Where do I see that information?  And, is it combined between the two programs?  Example:  Did they integrate the data well enough to know that I stayed 36 nights at Marriott and 41 nights at SPG in 2002 for example?  This would mean I had 77 total nights which would be Platinum although I didn't reach that level in either program?


Appreciate any help you can provide!