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Has anyone had AmEx Credit Card points post since the 8/18 integration date?

Question asked by erc on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by pauly222

I was just reading in the horror story thread Didn't Order your Reward certificate before the merge we will double the points required where hallchr and bbobb had yet to receive their AmEx credit card points. Now they are Europeans and we all know how Marriott treats non-Americans when it comes to  credit cards in general; but I'm of the ol' Red, White, and Blue tribe and I too haven't received any AmEx credit card points since the integration. I did receive my last Starpoints=3 Marriott points strategically charged and paid in mid-July, but since then nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero.


An interesting tidbit, when I called AmEx to inquire, they stated they had forwarded (like always) onto Marriott. I asked what my account was (I had successfully merged accounts, maintaining my long time Marriott number) but the AmEx rep after looking it up gave me a nine figure number which wasn't my 9 figure Marriott number, nor was it my 11 figure Starwood number... great.


So in the category of misery loves company (and to guide me in how much concern to have); has anyone, anywhere in the Marriott universe had a successful posting of AmEx SPG (or Luxury) credit card points yet? Thanks for your insights.



BTW - regarding the last problem I posed for the Insider gang - receiving refunded points for award reservations that went down in category - I just today found the proper rep to successfully complete the transaction (remember, I was too nervous to just book a new one, cancel the old one and rely upon Marriott to properly deposit my 160k points in my account rather than sending them out in cyberspace never to be seen again. 25 minutes in, the talented customer service rep told me she was literally reading the manual for specifically implementing the procedure, ( she said, "think colonoscopy" - that's how I knew she was experienced ) she completed the deal, the 20k points showed in my balance on my reservation (my profile will show it tomorrow) - so thanks to all who shared their insights regarding timing.