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Look No Further (LNF) - Response Times

Question asked by hayotje on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by arizonatag

Last Sunday I booked a stay in Dubai for September 28th to September 29th through I noticed that the same room was offered at a lower rate (with same T&Cs) at a 3rd party booking site, so I submitted a LNF claim with this Comparison Rate. After submitting the claim I received an automated email stating that they've been experiencing more inquiries than usual and would respond as soon as possible. Since then, four days have past and I still haven't received a response. In the mean time, the Comparison Rate has first increased, surpassing the reserved rate, and currently is again below my reserved rate. Also, the Marriott rate has dropped below my rate (and is even lower than the Comparison Rate). What are the odds that my claim will be processed in time, let alone be approved? What's the best action to take now:

  1. Call the LNF team to inquire about my claim. Again, what are the odds that they will process my claim in time?
  2. Submit a new claim referring to the new Comparision Rate I found on the 3rd party booking site / Marriott. I guess this has the possibility of them denying my claim as it was submitted > 24 hours after placing my reservation?
  3. Cancel my initial reservation and rebook at the lower rate at