How many points do you keep in the bank?

Discussion created by trippinbillies40 on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by joeyrios

I'm sure there are some people with way, way more points than I have. But when i first started travelling, I was shooting for a goal of 350k points.  2.5 years later, I'm now at 1.3mil, and that's after spending about 150k points in a couple years. I've been maniacally saving and working over any bonus I could.  At 242 lifetime nights, I feel like that's a pretty good haul, averaging about 5k points per night if you count sign up bonuses for SPG cards twice, credit card points, and mega bonuses.  And that I rarely stay at hotels over $200 per night.


So I'm hoping that by May I have about 1.5mil saved up for our honeymoon so I can work with my ambassador to spend some points and SNA's on an epic honeymoon.


What's the highest your points balance has come to?  Come on, impress me, Insider Elites!