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Legacy Target for LTPP for 2018 - Mingling SPG&Marriott Properties?

Question asked by hobokendoit on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by bejacob

Hey there!


I'm on year 9 of Platinum when the programs are combined...right now I have 30-ish nights on legacy Marriott properties and 20-ish nights on legacy SPG properties. 


In order to make Lifetime Platinum Premier for 2019, I was going to try to hit one of the legacy Marriott or SPG platinum requirements, which is either 75 nights on Marriott or 25 stays through SPG. 


My question is this...


Does it matter whether I stay at legacy Marriott or legacy SPG from here on out? For instance, if it hit 75 TOTAL nights this year after combining accounts (which I am on track for), would that still count for LTPP? Or would I need to stay 75 nights at Marriott properties OR 25 stays at SPG properties?


Right now I have 7 reservations booked, so the answer may push me to change them...