How would you like to see Points Earned categorized in Account Activity?

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by pingreeman

Would it be that hard for Marriott to provide a bit more detail in the Points Earned on our rewards accounts?


I get Base, I get Elite Bonus, but then the Extra is a hard to track and makes me have to dig a bit deep when looking at stays.  What about a bit more granularity for the "extra" where everything else is lumped...


  • Green Choice
  • Arrival Gift
  • Manager adjustment (room problem, hassle, etc.  I have had them give me points in the past for a water leak that damaged property...)
  • Breakfast Choice (they offer points if decline breakfast in a location without CL?)


Am I being picky or would it add any value to anyone else.   Perhaps it works for most people, but for us point hawks...I just like to make sure I get the points I earned for my loyalty...and I would like for Marriott to make it easier for me to reconcile.


Any other meaningful categories of point earnings?    Am I being too picky?