New info now from the Plat line regarding incorrect status mapping

Discussion created by stellaky on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2018 by jere5iah

Background: I was platnium going into the merge with 11 years Plat and 738 nights.  My status in 2018 had been plat but I did not earn 75 nights last year - I was close and thus ‘granted’ plat status as a good will gesture. 


After many inquiries and seeing many plat challenge members in the same boat and having had their status hand corrected, I was told via phone (in Aug) that my status was showing (to them) as PP for 2018 and would eventually be corrected. 


Yesterday I received an email response to my ticket that said nothing would be fixed until 2019. When I checked into the SHS last night they also said they only showed me as Plat. So I called this morning and was told by the plat line that nothing else would be updating and this was my status till end of year. She kept trying to talk about lifetime, which was frustrating, bc that’s not what I was calling about. 


It it sounds like they hand corrected some accounts that didn’t map correctly but now they are just throwing in the towel and letting the chips fall where they may till next year. Very disappointing, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason to who got corrected.