Platinum Elite not converted to Platinum PREMIER Elite

Discussion created by goldmember on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by skdj9647

I was Platinum elite pre-merge. 

This means I should be platinum PREMIER elite post 8/18. 

I have called 4 times to get this corrected with ZERO success.

I have received the following responses over the phone:

1. you only have 61 nights. Duh that is this are right I have not earned platinum premier for next year. But I have for this year. so fix it. 

2. But you have LIFETIME Platinum premier status, that is higher status. NO IT ISN'T.

3. They have put in TWO "work orders". Nothing has been fixed. 


I have already missed out on my 48 hour guarantee to get a hotel room last week that was sold out. 

And I am staying at a westin monday - unless I cancel it and start over with Hilton after having been a Marriott rewards customer for 21 years.

This is so amazingly simple and so very frustrating!!!!